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Mechanicville, New York was first settled in the mid-1700s, and was initially home to several sawmills and flour mills which drew their power from nearby Tenendeho Creek. The name dates back to 1829, and honors early settlers who were butchers, carpenters and millers, known as the time as “mechanicals”. The Champlain Canal, which reached Mechanicville in 1823, and the Saratoga & Rensselaer Railway, arriving in 1835, allowed Mechanicville to thrive. By the late 1800s, local industries included textile mills, manufacturers of window sashes and blinds, brick works, and even a factory producing some of the first friction matches.

Perhaps Mechanicville’s most famous son is Elmer Ellsworth, a friend of Abraham Lincoln who raised the 11th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment or "Fire Zouaves" from among New York City's volunteer firefighters. As colonel of the regiment, he led his troops into Alexandria, Virginia in May of 1861 to remove a large confederate flag which was flying from the roof of the Marshall House Inn. Colonel Ellsworth was shot and killed by the inn’s owner after removing the flag, and gained posthumous fame as the Civil War’s first well-known casualty. Ellsworth’s grave lies under a tall marble column at Mechanicville’s Hudson View Cemetery.

Today Mechanicville is somewhat smaller than it was in Colonel Ellsworth’s day – in fact, it is one of the smallest cities in the state, covering less than .8 square miles and with a population just over 5,000. It makes the most of its small-town charm, however, living up to its reputation as “The Friendly City”. One event visitors and residents alike look forward to every spring is the Tenandeho White Water Derby, a canoe and kayak race sponsored by the Mechanicville Tenandeho Canoe Association. In conjunction with this event, the City of Mechanicville sponsors an “anything-that-floats” regatta which draws a wide variety of themed floats. Although water temperatures at the Derby are barely above freezing after Mechanicville’s long, cold winters, the event kicks off a spring and summer season full of fishing, boating and outdoor fun.


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